Rust And Dust

Rust And Dust a tactical ground combat simulation for android.

Android APK
Java desktop application

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Coming soon : Player vs Player mode, under heavy development right now !

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Game Select:

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Action Points (AP):

Each player will have 2 to 4 AP to spend per turn.
You won't know the amount of AP that you can spend until you have reached that number.

An action point allows you to do one of the following:

Movement Points (MP):

Your units have an amount of movement points.
Each hex costs 1 MP, except the woods and the town that costs 2 MP.
If all your movement occures on a road, you gain 1 extra MP.

To move your unit:

On very rare occasions, you might be asked to specify the path you want to follow when for example you can pass over one of two Objectives.

To cancel the action, select your combat leading unit again.

Moving a unit costs you 1 AP.


Your units have a fire range and a defense value.
On a hill, your range is increased by 1 (except for the infantry).
A target in woods or town has a defense increased by 1.
You can target 1 unit within your range with a clear line of sight.
Hills, cities, other units block the line of sight.
Friendly units that can fire and have a clear line of sight to the selected target can assist you.
Artillery units can assist even if they don't have a clear line of sight to the target.
Infantry units nullify the defense bonus when attacking to a town.
Soft targets have 2 defense values, the higher being used when the are on hills, woods or town hex.

You destroy the target if: 2d6 + #engaged units + bonuses >= defense + bonuses.

To perform a combat:

To cancel the action, select your combat leading unit again.

Leading a combat costs you 1 AP.

HQ units:

Your HQ units have on them.
When you activate an HQ, adjacents units can move freely.

To perform an HQ activation:

Activating an HQ costs you 1 AP.

Promotion to HQ:

You can promote one of your regular unit into an HQ if you have in your casualties an HQ of the same kind of unit.

To perform an promotion to HQ:

Promoting a regular unit to an HQ costs you 1 AP.

Ace units:

Your Ace units have an on them.
When taking part in an combat, an ace unit allows you a second dice roll if the first one is a failure.

Special Hexes:

The following hexes will have importance in the victory decision of some scenarios.

Deployment / Reinforcement:

Some scenarios will require you to first place some or all your units on the battle field.
Some others will require you to make some or all your units enter the battle field.
You may also recieve some reinforcement units during the battle.

In any of the above situation, you will see the number of available units over the unit dock button.

To make one unit enter the battle field from the unit dock: